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Dr. Dan Danks

Dr. Dan Danks

Dan’s over 25 years experience in tribology includes work in railroad, manufacturing, mining and energy industries. That experience encompasses designing and commissioning wear simulating machinery, wear failure analyses, field testing projects, R&D and wear project management.

His metallurgical career began as power plant operator and nuclear qualified welder on a George Washington class fleet ballistic missile submarine. He has a BS in metallurgical engineering and advanced degrees in materials science and business.

His teaching experience includes both undergraduate and graduate courses in engineering materials, wear and numerous short courses. A registered professional engineer in Oregon, Dan has started three companies and been a small business owner for over ten years.

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Abbe Doering

Abbe Doering (B.S. Ceramic Engineering)

Abbe attended Missouri University of Science and Technology (formerly the University of Missouri – Rolla) and received a BS in Ceramic Engineering in 2009. While a student, Abbe participated in several research programs including projects focusing on thin films, corrosion-resistant coatings and printed circuit boards.

After graduation, Abbe relocated to Houston, TX where she participated in corrosion testing for WearSox, LP. Abbe is currently a materials engineer at Wear & Friction Resources.

Joe Scott

Joe Scott (B.S. Welding Engineering)

Joe served in the United States Marine Corps from 1968-1971. He attended LeTourneau College, where he earned a BS in Welding Engineering. He then began working as an Application Engineer for Chemetron Corp. (now ESAB) in Chicago, IL and later became a manager of New Product Development/Application Engineering. Joe then went on to work for Oerlikon Welding Industries in Houston, TX where he was a Product Manager. He worked as a consultant for a time before becoming a partner in Arc South Corp., which was a wholesale distributer of Alloy Rods filler metals to distributers in 11 states.

Joe is currently the President of Devasco International, Inc. in Houston, TX as well as a Limited Partner at WearSox, LP.


Brandi Naaykens

Brandi started her career in the retail world. She was recruited by Devasco and is an experienced operator in welding consumables manufacturing. Her continued desire to learn brought her to Wear & Friction Resources, where she is an integral team member. She is currently a technician with Wear & Friction Resources.